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Indonesia is a vast archipelago made up of thousands of islands, stretching along the Equator from Southeast Asia to Australia: it covers more than 5,000 kilometers (3,000 miles) from west to east.

The climate of Indonesia is almost everywhere equatorial, i.e. hot, humid, and rainy throughout the year. There are also mountains and volcanoes, often very high, where the temperature naturally decreases with altitude.

Being that Indonesia is located near the Equator, the day lasts 12 hours throughout the year, and the sun sets quickly. However, the sun's rays are very strong, especially in the mountains. The temperature is stable, with lows around 22/25 °C (72/77 °F) and highs around 30/32 °C (86/90 °F) all year round. 

Visibility may vary from season to season, but 10 to 30 meters (35 to 100 feet) can be expected at most dive sites. Since we are sailing around Indonesia, we also follow the best seasons in each area. Any trip you decide to join us, you can be sure it is the right season!


The local currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and it is possible to change money at the airport upon arrival. The exchange rate is 14,000 IDR to 1 USD. 

All transactions onboard will be converted from USD to IDR on the final billing.

Dress code

Please plan to travel light as on all live-aboard dive yachts, space is limited. We recommend that you pack your gear in soft luggage such as a duffel bag for easy storage and to add to your comfort in your cabin. Clothing should be lightweight, comfortable sportswear; sunscreen and swimsuits are a must. A light sweater or jacket is ideal for evenings. Dress is always casual and informal. Additional items you may want to bring are sunglasses and walking shoes for your time onshore.


Multi sockets that can fit with any electronic plug, voltage 220/230


A strict “no shoes” policy applies to all Scubaspa vessels. For lounging on the sun deck, use of proper sun protection and sunglasses is advisable.

Check-in and check-out

Embarkation starts at 14:00 PM. Guests are requested to book their flight tickets accordingly based on our flight suggestion. Please note the arrival day is solely dedicated to collecting all guests from the airport, thus neither sailing nor activities such as diving, snorkelling or spa treatments are scheduled or organized.

We have standard airport transfers scheduled at 8.45 AM at the latest. The dive boat will transfer all guests to the nearest airport from the disembarkation area. 


Trash must be properly disposed of in containers provided throughout the vessel or in waste bins provided in cabins/suites. Trash or other foreign objects must never be flushed down a toilet and guests are prohibited from disposing of or throwing any item overboard.

The plastic use is cut to an absolute minimum by providing mineralized purified water produced on board, reusable tumblers and glass drinking straws provided.


We accept cash in Indonesian Rupiah as well as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Union Pay credit cards.


The exchanging of dives to spa treatments within a package is not available. The Scuba Holiday Package is only available for Advance Open Water certified divers. Those who have selected the Scuba Holiday Package may book chargeable spa treatments, depending on availability. 

Internet onboard vessel

Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia provides a free package of 1GB of data for each guest. Once your data is used, you may upgrade your internet package fee.

General Rules for Flying a Drone in Indonesia

Based on our research and interpretation of the laws, here are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in Indonesia.

Forbidden Areas:
There are certain areas where you can’t operate your drone without permission from the Director-General of Air Transportation (DGTA).
• Prohibited Areas – Areas that are entirely closed for aviation activities of any kind (usually government offices, police stations or military bases)
• Restricted Areas – Areas that may be open for civil aviation but restricted for government use
• Areas close to airports in order to secure flight safety.
• Controlled airspace where control services for air traffic are provided
• Airspace 150 meter above ground level that is not controlled

Komodo National Park 

Every use of drones must be reported to the Balai TN Komodo and therefore you must obtain a permit from them before use. We must send an application letter mentioning the location, the name of the guest using the drone, and for how long it will be used. The price for using a drone inside the Park is approximately 1,000,000 IDR per expedition. The use of drones is forbidden in some areas and it will be depending on the local authority. 


Scuba diving in the coral triangle waters is a unique and truly magical experience and the philosophy of Scubaspa is to bring this “magic” to every single dive you take with us. Our experienced team of instructors and dive masters has an in-depth local knowledge, which is vital in taking you to best dive sites. Their mission is twofold. First comes your safety, nothing is more important. Second is your total pleasure. 

What do I need to bring if I want to dive?

If you are a certified diver, you must bring your diving license and your logbook as well. All divers need to provide a medical certificate issued within the last year.

Medical certificate

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions and/or will be taking any medication while on holiday, we will ask to look over the medical form. Please, note that as part of the check-in for the diving, you will have to complete a medical statement. If you answer one or more questions of the medical statement with a “yes,“ we will need a medical certificate from a doctor, which states that you are fit to dive. Please keep in mind that we will not be able to take you diving without the release if any of the conditions mentioned in the form applies to you.

Do I need to bring my own dive gear?

It is advisable but not necessary. We have all the necessary equipment for rent on board.
Please note that diving computers are mandatory.

We advise you to book your rental equipment minimum 1 month before departure to make sure that the correct sizes are available.

Do I need a minimum amount of dives if I want to dive with you?

Diving in Indonesia can be challenging due to strong currents, and dive sites are in most cases very remote! This means that any help (doctor, hospital or recompression chamber) is most of the time several hours or days away! Divers should be able to dive without help of an instructor. Our dive guides are there to guide, and for unlikely cases of emergency.

Hence we require a minimum dive experience of 50 logged dives at Komodo and Forgotten Islands expedition and 30 logged dives on Raja Ampat expedition, and a minimum certification level Advanced Open water or similar.

If you have less than above minimum logged dives, we can arrange a private dive guide for you if the booking is made a minimum of one month before departure. This extra service is at additional cost and subject to availability.


Welcome to a unique spa experience where traditional Asian therapists and the latest natural holistic treatments are created to embrace your whole being. Each spa treatment is designed to bring deep relaxation, optimum well-being and rejuvenation. Let all tensions dissolve with the ebb and flow of the Indonesian Ocean, as the mind and body are restored to a natural state of peace, harmony and balance.

How can I make a reservation for a spa treatment?

You can meet our spa team at 17:00 on embarkation day, which is arranged in the reception area.
If you have a series of treatments as part of your holiday package, treatments can be booked during your holiday at reception on the spa deck.
If available, extra spa treatments in addition to those you have already booked, can be purchased at reception on the spa deck.
Can I have access to the spa outdoor lounge if I am not receiving any treatments from the spa?

We allow all guests to have access to the spa outdoor lounge. Please note this is a designated ‘whisper zone,’ offering a calm space for relaxation after all treatments. In the evenings, the area may be used for movie nights, lectures or private dinners.
What if I have special health considerations?

We appreciate that each guest requires individual attention and we take great care in choosing the right treatment for every guest who visits our spa. However, if you have any concerns about a medical condition, or are taking any medication, we strongly advise that you consult your general practitioner before booking a treatment.